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Descendents Dr. Milo Aukerman and Bill Stevenson recent sat down for an interview with The Punk Site wherein they discussed the possibility of new material, the reunion shows and what people can reliably expect from the band. Aukerman largely retired from music except for the occasional reunion performances of the Descendents and mainly focuses on his job as a biochemist at Dupont. Stevenson continues to be active in music, both as a producer and performer with bands including The Lemonheads, ALL and Only Crime.

Milo, for his part, said this:

Basically, I have limited amount of time I can do [Descendents work] , vacation days basically. Any recording we do would be at the expense of shows, so it's kind of one of these things like, well do you want to do more shows or do you want to sit down in a room and record? At some point, we will have to cross that bridge when we come to it, but for now we are just enjoying the shows so much. We do all have songs, I have written a few and I've never been that big of a songwriter, so if I can come up with two or three I'm pretty happy.

Find the interview here.

The band last released Cool To Be You in 2004.