Ian MacKaye skeptical about "gated community" social networks
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In a recent interview, Ian MacKaye of Fugazi, Minor Threat, The Evens and others, commented about his skepticism about popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter and the percieved impact they have on independent music.

I'm not engaged with [social networks]. You know, you have a hammer you can work with it or you can break something. So, I think social networks are tools. And I think some people publicly has used these tools to do something good and I think there are some negative things coming out from that networking. […] Facebook, I call it a "gated community". I'm sure in your town, there is a rich neighbourhood that has gates. There is a gatehouse there that keeps people out. There is a neightbourhood that have a fence around it.

I mean, anyone can join it, but actually to access a lot of the features you have to turn over a lot of information and you have to submit yourself to the protocol that keeps you safe. This is came out recently because they 've been some events here that are promoted only on Facebook, and because they are on Facebook I didn't hear about them. Specifically, as a protest and I find it very interesting. I don't know if you have heard about this protest, but I'm a member of this particular network. The protest is about corporate greed but Facebook is a fucking gated corporation.It doesn't mean that I think people that use Facebook, are bad. But, I want people to think about the fact that all are confined to this particular gated community.

Check out the interview here.