Manchester Orchestra leaves Columbia, talks new project
by Sony Music

Manchester Orchestra confirmed their departure from Columbia Records in a new interview on Property of Zack:

We are no longer with Columbia. We released our final record through them. [Our next] would just be through Favorite Gentlemen and maybe some other imprint. I don't think it'll be under the name Manchester though. I want to try to do something like Sgt. Peppers. Not musically, but those dudes made those records under the pretense of a different band. They became this other band and it allowed their creative ability to go wherever they wanted because they weren't under the pressure of making another Beatles album. We want to try to create another band within us to release something without any predisposed thoughts of what it's going to be. Manchester is turning into a heavy direction musically, so I don't know what it'll be like.

The band last released Simple Math in 2011.