A long, long time ago I asked you guys for questions to ask Autopilot Off. After months and months, guitarist Chris "Houston" Hughes responded via email. Click READ MORE to find out what the best band on the Warped Tour was, their goal as a band, just what classic song Chris wished he never would've written, and more.

SCOTT: Who are you, and what do you do in this band?
CHRIS: Chris Hughes and i play guitar.
S: Since some people still don't know - want to explain the name change one last time?
C: Well, another band thought we were rich from playing american legion and hall shows (shows their knowledge of our world) and they said they had the name first. we thought…well, the name cooter sucks, so let's start with a new name that means something. Now we have Autopilot Off
S: What about the Fastmusic situation? Care to give your side of the story and hopefully put this to rest?
C: I'd much rather talk about the hamster situation in new jersey, but long story short…fastmusic didn't do anything for us, we gave them a ton of chances, we toured, so on and so forth, we want people to hear our music, we took our record back. anyone that ever ordered anything from them knows what i'm talking about. i can't believe that a year later people still care about this crap.
S: How is Island treating you so far? Any chance of a tour with Thursday and/or Thrice, since you're all labelmates?
C: I hope so…both bands are great and are some of the coolest people. i can't say enough about geoff and steve of thursday. maybe we'll do a sellouts tour soon.
S: Speaking of labelmates, care to give your thoughts on Andrew WK?
C: he's the real deal. the way he acts on stage and in his videos is how he really is. another cool person on the label.
S: Recently, Epitaph signed a completely unknown band called the Getaway, from Orange County, NY [your place of origin]. Any thoughts on the band? Are there any other OCNY bands we should be on the lookout for?
C: i know the band a little bit, but they are very new and we've been touring so much i don't get to as many local shows as i used to. i can't tell you how happy i am for them and for our area. orange county new york has been such a big scene with so many bands and for so long that it's great people are starting to notice it. i wish those guys the best of luck. they'll be in great company at epitaph. there is another band called annadevine that is on evr that everyone should check out. they're from our area too.
S: What is your goal as a band?
C: our goal is to headline a tour and bring bands that we like with us. we want to do for others what they have done for us. it's the only real part of the punk rock scene.
S: What's one song you wish you never wrote?
C: stairway to heaven…i never get credit.
S: If you could prevent one death, would it be John Lennon's or Kurt Cobain's, and why?
C: if i had to pick (as morbid as this is) i'd say john lennon is the obvious answer because he didn't want to die.
S: Would you rather have a "Behind The Music" or an "E! True Hollywood Story" for a band legacy?
C: behind the music is lightyears ahead of e!
S: You're currently on the Warped Tour - what bands should people check out at all costs? Conversely, what bands should people stay away from with a ten foot pole?
C: it's all opinions, so someone i love, you may hate and vice versa. hot water music is the best band on the tour.
S: Also, why should people come watch you at Warped over someone else like No Use For A Name, Anti-Flag, Tiger Army, Ultimate Fakebook, or Bayside [these were all bands that played opposite your set at the Chicago Warped stop]?
C: because they want to for whatever their reasons are.
S: Don't you hate pants???
C: no, i actually like them.
S: How can people reach the band?
C: www.autopilotoff.com S: Thanks for your time - keep the rock alive.
C: thanks for the interview and keep up the good work. your website has a huge presence in the punk world…thanks for letting us be part of it.
chris h