Frank Black (Pixies) starts his own record label, The Bureau
Contributed by alex101, Posted by The Pixies

Pixies frontman Frank Black has unveiled plans to start his own record label, The Bureau. Black said of the move: "I wasn't planning to start up my own record label, but I hope I get invited to some really intense high-end parties." He also says that he established The Bureau originally to release his own work, as "more traditional record companies find it a little overwhelming that I come up with another record every nine months." The Bureau's first releases will be from Jeremy Dubs and Eric Drew Feldman, a collaborator of the late Captain Beefheart.

Black is currently on tour with the Pixies on their "lost cities" tour. Black added that The Bureau will not release the planned new material from the Pixies, saying the band "will either do something really traditional, with a big old record company, or something a lot more radical. Hopefully the radical approach. But The Bureau has other things on its plate."