Archers of Loaf
by Merge

Merge Records has unveiled details about the second reissue from Archers of Loaf. Coming on the heels of the well-recieved reissue of Icky Mettle, the album will also be a double disc with 16 previously unreleased/rare demo and 7-inch tracks. Due out February 14th, 2012, the reissue will also feature a hand drawn version of the albums original artwork by Jay Ryan.

    Disc 1
  1. Step into the Light
  2. Harnessed in Slums
  3. Nevermind the Enemy
  4. Greatest of All Time
  5. Underdogs of Nipomo
  6. Floating Friends
  7. 1985
  8. Fabricoh
  9. Nostalgia
  10. Let the Loser Melt
  11. Death in the Park
  12. The Worst Has Yet to Come
  13. Underachievers March and Fight Song
    Disc 2
  1. Harnessed in Slums '95
  2. Telepathic Traffic
  3. Don’t Believe the Good News
  4. Smoking Pot in the Hot City
  5. Mutes in the Steeple
  6. Mark Price PI (out of print)
  7. Bacteria
  8. Equinox (unreleased)
  9. (Big Joe and) Phantom 3009 (out of print)
  10. 1985 (demo)
  11. Fabricoh (demo)
  12. Nostalgia (demo)
  13. Let the Loser Melt (demo)
  14. Underdogs of Nipomo (demo)
  15. Nevermind the Enemy (demo)
  16. Don’t Believe the Good News (demo)