Repo Man tribute album announced

American Laundromat have announced their forthcoming compilation, A Tribute To Repo Man. The collection, due for release on the September 18, 2012, features a range of bands including Polar Bear Club, Mike Watt and his Secondmen, Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra, Black Francis, and more, covering tracks from the original California-heavy soundtrack to the cult film.

(By the way, if you haven't seen it yet, you can check it out on Netfflix Streaming.)

  1. "Repo Man" (Iggy Pop) - Those Darlins
  2. "TV Party" (Black Flag) - Polar Bear Club
  3. "Institutionalized" (Suicidal Tendencies) - Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra
  4. "Coup D'Etat" (The Circle Jerks) - New York Rivals
  5. "El Clavo Y La Cruz" (The Plugz) - Black Francis
  6. "Pablo Picasso" (Burning Sensations) - The Tellers
  7. "Let's Have A War" (Fear) - Mike Watt
  8. "When The Shit Hits The Fan" (The Circle Jerks) - TBA
  9. "Hombre Secreto" (The Plugz) - Matthew Sweet
  10. "Bad Man" (Juicy Bananas) - TBA
  11. "Reel Ten" (The Plugz) - Weekend