Cockney Rejects
by Music

Louder Than War is reporting that the Cockney Rejects film, East End Babylon, is set to premiere on Thursday the 26th of April, at Koko, in Camden Town, London.

From the film's website:

'East End Babylon' takes us on a journey through smoky boxing clubs, battles on the terraces and piss stained boozers as three dead end kids formed a band that would be the last word in rock'n'roll savagery. 'Mistrusted and misunderstood by the rock elite and media, the Rejects were one of a kind - the first band to combine rock'n'roll and football, and imbued with a "take no shit" attitude, which has often been copied but never equaled.

'Follow the band and its road crew of West Ham's infamous ICF hooligans as they take their furious brand of rock'n'roll on the road, resulting in running battles with Nazis, rival football firms, legendary Top of the Pops performances, culminating in the vicious "battle of Birmingham" which finished the band as a touring unit.'