Ben Weasel
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More drama from the Screeching Weasel camp, as frontman Ben Weasel is apparently involved in a "beef" with Fat Wreck Chords boss/NOFX frontman Fat Mike.

The recent back-and-forth seemingly began with a tweet from Mike, saying "Ben Weasel emailed me an apology. Weird. Do I write back? What do I say?" Ben proceeded to try to get Mike to appear on his Weasel Radio podcast, asking his fans to bombard Mike with requests for an interview, and posting a short letter to his Facebook, where he explains a bit more of the past year and their issues:

Hey gang, Fat Mike from Fat Wreck Chords and NOFX has a beef with me that I don't understand. It started just about a year ago but I thought it died out when he kicked us off the label (in an interview!) for supposedly making fun of him in a song. But now he's back at it. I always thought Fat Mike was a straight shooter and I liked working with Fat Wreck Chords. I certainly never had any problem with Mike… It bothers me that he thinks I made fun of him in a song, since I didn't. He's said a lot about that and other problems he apparently has with me in interviews and on Twitter, but he's never taken the opportunities I've offered to discuss it with me. I'm chagrined, bemused, and other words from the thesaurus. I figure Mike seems like an interesting guy, so let's get him on Weasel Radio and hash this whole thing out like grown ups.

Mike eventually replied, again via Twitter, simply saying "Ben Weasel, I have nothing more to say to you or about you. I am certainly not going to debate you. So stop bugging me, please." Ben then dedicated the latest episode of Weasel Radio to discussing the dispute from his point of view with co-host Owen Murphy, reading the email exchanges between Mike and himself on-air, and airing his grievances with the handling of the whole business.