Sonic Boom Six
by Music

Manchester, UK's Sonic Boom Six have released a 12 minute documentary film, entitled New Style Rockas.

The film, directed by Paul Atkinson, combines live footage and candid interviews with individual band members. The interview segments explore the history of the band (now entering their second decade), but also allow the band to address key decisions, which can face bands of a certain size, as they try to reach a larger audience.

Bassist and co-vocalist Barney Boom described the band's current position as follows:

The last two singles, "Sunny Side of the Street" and "For the Kids of the Multiculture", have had more video play and radio play than all our other stuff combined. And the whole point of a single is just that; to get the idea of the band out there, in a way that presents you, and then people can buy the album, and get into it. It's like a shop window to the band, so it's gonna be a little bit more accessible, it's gonna be a little bit more pop or whatever, and people are complaining about it, but just wait for the album. I mean, it's not a case of selling out, it's a case of being savvy, and understanding the amount of money and effort and work that goes into promoting a record, and certain hoops you've gotta jump through the get there.

Y'know, in the past we've cared more about being a 'punk' band than we do now. At the moment, we just wanna be a band, with guitars, that play music, and get it out there to as many people as we can.