Contributed by alex101, Posted by Warner Music Group

Deftones frontman Chino Moreno recently spoke to Chilean website La Tercera about the band's plans to enter the studio on July 9th to begin working on the follow up to 2010's Diamond Eyes. Moreno had this to say, which Google helpfully translated for us:

I know everyone says this, but I think it will be the best album we've recorded.I am very excited about because it sounds futuristic compared to our last album, 'Diamond Eyes' -- so it feels like a step forward. The songs are very different, not heavy or slower but dynamic and goes into many directions, is so heavy and so beautiful.

The album will again feature former Quicksand bassist Sergio Vega who joined the band after bassist Chi Cheng was left in a coma by a November 2008 car crash. While Chi has shown positive progress, he remains only semi-concious. Moreno also spoke briefly about his friend, saying:

Every day is different and he is still fighting. Have already been three years and every day makes tiny progress, but still does not speak or communicate. Sometimes you can follow some brief instructions to lift a leg or squeezing a hand, so we expect the better and have hope. But no doctor can tell us when will you wake up. All we can do is keep up hope.

Update: A more clear translation suggests that the band will enter the studio next week, not in July.