Make Do And Mend to release 'Everything You Ever Loved'
Contributed by alex101, Posted by Rise

With their Rise Records debut completed last week, Make Do and Mend have announced a title. The band has dubbed the record Everything You Ever Loved and a late summer release is planned.

With regards of what to expect, the band said this in a recent story:

The word I've been using to try to sum it up for myself and other people is, the song are a lot rounder. I feel as though they're a lot more dynamic. There's certainly still heavy songs - in my opinion the heavy songs are heavier than ever - and then there are songs on which we never play a distorted guitar throughout the whole thing.

The band is enroute to Europe for Monsterbash in Berlin, Germany and Groezrock in Meerhoot, Belgium. They last released End Measured Mile in 2010 and also released the (mainly) acoustic EP, Part & Parcel, last year.