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us that Paul Decolator, who was instrumental to New Jersey's punk scene in the 80s, passed away on Wednesday November 13. Paul was in the band New Jersey's Finest in the early eighties (members of which  went on to form Niblick Henbane). Paul also played guitar in Pleased Youth, who reunited last year and played shows with longtime friends Adrenalin OD. Decolator ran the popular fanzine "Tips and Tours" and booked shows throughout the 80s for bands like Youth Brigade, Government Issue and 76% Uncertain. Later, Decolator played short stints in New Brunswick's Loose, The Nils and GG Allin. He recently worked as a music journalist for the North Jersey music paper The Aquarian. Paul's wicked sense of humor can be summed up in an often-repeated story of when the Rahway, New Jersey Police raided a Youth Brigade show he had booked at an illegal venue: when they finished climbing up the long stairway and knocked on the door of the building, Paul calmly opened the door and told them "That'll be six dollars each." His family has requested that friends make donations to Paul's favorite radio station WFMU.