Deftones aiming for October release

Deftones recently sent vocalist Chino Moreno to speak to Billboard about the band's album release plans. While there, Moreno also talked about his increasing number of solo projects including Crosses (†††), his project with Isis members called Palms, and a new album from his Team Sleep bandmate Todd Wilkinson.

As for the album, he spoke about what to expect after the band's (unsurprisingly?) heavily Quicksand-influenced 2010 album Diamond Eyes :

Some of my favorite things about Deftones are the dynamics. Yes, we're a heavy band, but we're not just in-your-face aggro the whole time, punching you in the face. There's a lot of aggression in some of the music, but there's also this very soothing element where there's a lot of soundscapes rather than attack, attack, attack the whole time. I understand that's a big part of our sound, but I really feel like we reached a peak on our dynamics on this record with those two qualities -- the beauty of something and just straight, ruthless aggression.

The band is aiming for an October release, soon after they wrap up their August tour supporting System of a Down.

Check out the interview with all the details here.