Joe Strummer
Contributed by aubin, Posted by The Clash

The UK's The Guardian has published a piece regarding the upcoming Strummer of Love Festival, a festival to celebrate legendary frontman of The Clash, Joe Strummer. In the article, they speak with Joe's two daughters, Jazz and Lola, about their late father and his legacy. Of the festival, which they helped to establish, they say the inspiration came from the festivals they would attend with Joe as children:

Every year at Glastonbury, Dad would create this kind of impromptu camp where people would just gather. He was always setting up camps[…]. He loved that whole idea of creating a vibe and an atmosphere. At Glastonbury he would string up his flags, get loads of hay bales, have a big campfire – there'd be 24-hour music and he'd be DJ-ing. We'd all go as a family, and our friends would be there. It just became this hub of fun and people. He named it Strummer- ville and we were left to do exactly what we wanted. Run wild, run amok.

They also discuss their father's somewhat laissez-faire method of raising them, saying:

As kids we were really encouraged to be free… When were growing up there were no rules – we were left to run wild. We were nicknamed the pit-bull kids because we were so mad. At home we were allowed to scribble on the walls because he considered it creative. We'd ransack the place. I think our mum might have had a bit of a different view but she kind of went with it.

Finally, older daughter Jazz mentions the possibility of a Clash reunion during Joe's lifetime, saying that the band had "been offered stupid amounts of money to do it, but they were very good at keeping the moral high ground and saying no." Though she admits that "if Dad hadn't died, it would have happened. It felt like it was in the air."

You can read the complete piece here.