Fucked Up
Contributed by alex101, Posted by Matador

In a new Rolling Stone interview, Fucked Up vocalist Damian Abraham talked a little about what's next for the band. The group announced a hiatus last November but seems to have filled 2012 with festival appearances anyway.

Abraham talked a little about the challenges in making a follow up to the critically acclaimed and commercially successful David Comes to Life:

I think it'd be dishonest to try and make exactly the same thing again, because that's not what you'd want to do. You want to try something new. Obviously, we're working with a fairly defined sonic palette. But I think there are different ways we want to try things…. We're gonna be hopefully recording in the winter, maybe for next fall. I like records coming out in fall because that's my power season. That's my birthday, so I feel like when I was in school if I made any advancement it had to be in September.

Damian also talks about the notion of selling out:

We live in a time where there's no Fugazi. There's no band that you can say, 'That's the moral higher ground, that's the way you should be doing it, Would Fugazi be able to maintain that integrity today? I think they would've been that moralistic, I think Ian MacKaye would've been that moralistic. But I don't think you'll see another band like that.