Various: 'Tallahassee Turns Ten: A Mountain Goats Cover Album'
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Crooked Neighbors has posted a stream of their recently released compilation, Tallahassee Turns Ten: A Mountain Goats Cover Album. The label commissioned fifteen bands to cover the original album's fourteen songs, including one bonus track.

Participating artists include Andrew Jackson Jihad, Bomb The Music Industry!, Jeffrey Lewis, and Laura Stevenson.

The album is available to stream and/or purchase via the record label's Bandcamp page. The original album - Tallahassee - was released by The Mountain Goats in 2002.

  1. Youngest Son - "Tallahassee"
  2. Your Heart Breaks - "First Few Desperate Hours"
  3. Mooner - "Southwood Plantation Road"
  4. Kimya Dawson - "Game Shows Touch Our Lives"
  5. Hallelujah The Hills - "The House That Dripped Blood"
  6. Miracles Of Modern Science - "Idylls Of The King"
  7. Laura Stevenson - "No Children"
  8. Jeffrey Lewis - "See America Right"
  9. Houses - "Peacocks"
  10. Tiger Waves - "International Small Arms Traffic Blues"
  11. Perry Owen Wright - "Have To Explode"
  12. Mosaik - "Old College Try (feat. Saalik Ahmad Ziyad)"
  13. Great Gray Buildings - "Oceanographer's Choice"
  14. Andrew Jackson Jihad - "Alpha Rats Nest"
  15. Bomb The Music Industry! - "Ethiopians"