Tonight We're Going To Give It 35%

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Here's your question and answer of the week from the Punknews Formspring:

Q: If you committed a terrible crime and were sentenced to be either: a) the drummer for Madball or b) the drummer for The Ataris which would it be and why? Thank ya, jwinston

A: Madball, hands down.

First, despite the fact that I don't understand anything about the band, they are fairly popular, as opposed to The Ataris who are on some combination of dying band life-support and kids who really liked that "Boys of Summer" song. So I'd imagine touring with Madball would be a bit more comfortable. Sure it's lots of silly hardcore shows, but I'm behind a drum kit, so the odds of me getting windmilled are pretty low.

Second, Madball (more than anything) seems concerned with "keeping it real." I'm pretty sure all this requires is adding something about "my family" or "My crew" to the end of every statement. Example: "I'll have the number three with a Mr. Pibb…For my crew!" Suddenly I go from ordering a pathetic excuse of an adult meal to making a bold statement that eating at Burger King is how I keep shit ultra real (note: poor nutrition is real as fuck!).

Kris Roe still seems to believe that being in The Ataris matters, not just for playing old hits but for making new and interesting music. That's too much pressure for me. I'd be setting there during one of his long ass breakdowns and before I know it'd my mind would wonder off to thinking about which reststop we'll be eating dinner at or how I'll be bathing with wetnaps tonight. Then, BAM! fucking snare drum to my face. Now, I got to find a way to get blood out of my clothes and fix up my forehead and you know Kris Roe doesn't provide shit for insurance.

So yeah, Madball. Plus, Chad from New Found Glory is apparently a big fan and maybe we could hang out some time and he could touch my Chadballs (seriously, that's the dumbest fucking nickname ever. No adult should have that nickname and not be under guardian supervision anytime they use tools more advanced than a bottle opener).


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