Mark Hoppus says Blink-182 'forgot' to release physical copies of new EP
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In an odd new interview with Billboard, Blink-182 bassist and producer Mark Hoppus talked a bit about the band' self-released new EP, Dogs Eating Dogs, which our review described as: A "return of Blink-182" much more than Neighborhoods." Notably, the Mark talked about the absence of a physical release saying that:

We rushed to get the EP recorded, mixed and mastered in time for its release. Then we had a holiday, and forgot about the physical product. We are not good businessmen. We don't think like that. We didn't get a physical product out because we were too lazy to print them up. I don't' stream or buy CDs… pretty much everything I buy I do it on iTunes. I miss the experience of walking into a record store and find old stuff without expecting to. You don't get that experience anymore, talking to people in-store. But now, at least, I can buy music at 2am in my underwear. I like that. I like the convenience of buying music in my underwear.

He also talked a bit about piracy:

Piracy is the most difficult aspect of our work. Ten years on there is no clear answer. I firmly believe artists should be paid for what they create. The bands coming up now are having such a hard time. The bands on the cusp, for them that revenue stream of selling records is gone. Music has become a loss leader for merch and tickets. It's hard for them. It's a hard balance; you want people to list to an artist and for the artist to get paid. I haven't wrapped my head around it. There are great artists who can't support themselves and it's a tragedy."