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Here's your question and answer of the week from the Punknews Formspring:

Q: Hey since you like Propagandhi which is your favorite album of theirs? And if it's not How To Clean Everything then why not?

A: I think I've answered this before but my favorite has to be Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes . Which I'm willing to admit is funny, since it has the most "direct interpretation of the title" art of any of their later albums. It's a fantastic album that really sees the band going in the thrash direction they've more fully embraced recently, yet it doesn't feel over burdened. I enjoy their music in recent years but it's hard not to feel like some of it is tinged with a bit of despair. Like they still believe every word but every word is less hopeful. Maybe it's Propagandhi being realistic about the world and their impact. I mean, love them or hate them four anti-establishment vegans from Canada aren't going to rewire the world in their own lifetime (unless the kids in the hall get back together…That would do it). They can make a difference but I think they know how fucked we are and that comes across in their music a bit. It's still amazing but it can be a bit of a bummer (I'll just wait for the e-mails of, "It's supposed to be a bummer. Wake up shepple!" to come rolling in…baaah).

Also, How to Clean Everything is great, but I have two problems with it.
1) It sounds like NOFX, like A LOT like NOFX. Don't say it doesn't because it absolutely fucking does (right down to the "I Want you To Want me" Cover). That isn't a bad thing but they really found their own legs later and they were much better for it because how many NOFX's do we need? One. That's the answer, that was absolutely not rhetorical.
2) I never want to think a band I love topped out on their first album. That concept absolutely depresses the shit out of me. Imagine, if you're a band that has been around for years, put out like 7 albums and people still tell you the record you made when you were 19 was your best record. As a fan I couldn't imagine waiting for a band to put out a new record only to feel that nothing they do will ever top the first record they did. That would be an endless sea of disappointment. Don't get me wrong, I like HTCE but it isn't my favorite of their's (Maybe top 4).

But I think the main thing is, like Propagandhi. Maybe not everything they've done, but at least like some of it, because it's pretty great.


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