Bamboozle founder gives post-mortem
by The Bamboozle

After the cancellation of The Bamboozle festival, there was a great deal of speculation about what exactly happened; while originally reports pegged the problems on the rather straightforward issue of being unprofitable , founder John D. noted that there was more than that:

There was a falling out at Bamboozle. A really bad one. But it wasn't with Live Nation as a company. It was with a few individuals at upper management. And the rumors are true. I F bombed them. I went in and told them to take their job and stick it as far up their asses as they could put it.

we have Bon Jovi headlining a concert. It wasn't a three day festival. There were billboards on the parkway that said "Bon Jovi: One Night Only." What do you mean? My festival is three days. There was a lot of creative differences, there was a lot of broken trust. We sold Live Nation 51% of Bamboozle. And we gave them that 1% because there was trust. That festival made money for 10 years. Not many festivals can say that they've made money every year

The rest of the interview can be found via Property of Zack.