Street Dogs
Contributed by joltman, Posted by Pirate's Press

Back from their self-imposed break, The Street Dogs have announced two new releases coming this spring via Pirate's Press Records.

The first release is a 7-inch titled Drunken Crooked Sons that will be released on April 20, 2013 as part of Record Store Day. The second new release, also a 7-inch, is titled Rust Belt Nation and will be released a month later on May 21, 2013. You can find a stream of Drunken Crooked Son here.

Crooked Drunken Sons 7-inch
1. Crooked Drunken Sons
2. I Got Drunk (Uncle Tupelo cover)
3. We All Fall Apart

Rust Belt Nation 7-inch
1. Rust Belt Nation
2. Certain Fate
3. Eighteen for Life