Leaked documents reveal Fat Mike as a DEA agent, 117 musicians indicted
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In a startling turn of events, documents revealing that Mike Burkett, a.k.a Fat Mike of long running punk band NOFX, is actually an agent with the Drug Enforcement Agency have been made public. The nearly 300 page document reveals that Fat Mike has been acting as a source, informant, and middle man for the federal agency in tracking down and prosecuting drug related offenses for the past 25 years. Several of the pages reveal that NOFX's recent tours to South America were actually fronts for gleaning information on some of the continent's largest drug suppliers.

It is unclear how the documents were released, but it is suspected that the information was gained during a recent break-in at a DEA storage building. Burkett has refused to comment aside from stating that "[he] did what [he] had to do."

Because Burkett's connection to the DEA has been made public, the federal agency officially indicted 117 musicians this morning at 9:00 AM eastern. Though the identity of the musicians are currently unknown, the DEA did make it clear that they would be pressing charges on bands that were associated with "large as well as independent labels." We will keep you updated as the names become known.