Japan's Envy have begun announcing club and festival dates in Japan beginning next week. The hardcore band celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2013. No word on whether the band will extend the tour beyond their home country's borders.

They last released Recitation in 2010 but also released the single, "As Serenity Calls Your Name" in 2011 to help raise funds after a devastating earthquake struck Japan earlier that year.

April 27, 2013MiyagiEco Camp Michinoku
June 1, 2013TokyoLiquid Room
June 7, 2013ShizuokaHamamatsu G-Side
June 8, 2013NagoyaClub Upset
June 9, 2013OsakaPangea
June 23, 2013TokyoShinjuku Loft
June 29, 2013NaganoChinoshiminkan
July 7, 2013YokohamaF.A.D Yokohama
July 13, 2013ToyamaTaikou Land