Coheed and Cambria
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Former Coheed and Cambria bassist / Current Flux Fortuna guitarist Michael (Mic) Todd has received criticisms and complaints for ripping fans off by selling merchandise he did not actually posses to sell. Once again, social media brought the injustice to the forefront by posting on Facebook and Reddit about the theft. Todd deleted his personal Facebook account and used the Flux Fortuna Facebook page to release the following statement:

"Okay, it's Michael. It's apparent that this has gotten way out of hand. This has taken this long to come out because I have been incommunicado for a number of reasons out here, until when yesterday at work the threads were brought to my attention.

Here's my statement: I overextended myself, I made plans with people about obtaining items and made deals on items that I didn't possess yet. I didn't do this out of malice, but in a desperation brought on by my present situation. When things started to fall through one after the other I couldn't keep up. And I am very sorry. I don't know if this makes things worse or better, but some things have been shipped and a few more are to follow shortly, but the bottom line is, I don't and won't have them all, and I am here (albeit a little late) and I realize I made myself look pretty bad, but my intention and promise is that I will make full financial amends over the course of the next couple months if you'll let me. I know this seems like a long timeframe, but I need to actually earn the money to pay you back. I just started working full time and the type of work I am doing does not pay a hell of a lot.

The full statement may be read on the Facebook page. We reported Todd's arrest which led to him being removed from the band back in 2011.