Geoff Rickly

Geoff Rickly of Thursday has released the second of his mixtapes. This one is titled Darker Matter and like 2012's Mixtape 1, it's a free download from his Bandcamp page. Along with the new six song download, Rickly posted a Tumblr update about it:

I put it up for you all with gratitude. Not only am I grateful for your continued support all these years, I'm grateful to be alive. It's been widely publicized that I was recently robbed at gunpoint. This isn't why I'm so thankful to be alive, though. Less widely known, is that this has been the most unbelievably difficult year of my life. My health has been in question, my outlook has been bleak and my heart has been a broken city. This is my record of that time. It is difficult. And different from anything I've done before.