Keith Morris
by Black Flag

Following Greg Ginn's statement on his lawsuit filed against members of Flag and Henry Rollins, Keith Morris offered his own initial thoughts on the suit in an interview with the Phoenix New Times:

We've done nothing wrong. Every step of the way, we've all talked to each other--"we're going to do this," or "we're not going to do that"--we know what he is capable of doing and we're not scared, we're not shaking in our shoes, we're not going to be bullied. We'll just proceed forward. We live our lives, and whatever the outcome is, we're good guys, we've done nothing wrong, so we don't really have to worry about anything.

He went on to quell any thoughts of Flag's upcoming touring being effected:

We are going to continue forward. We're going to continue forward until somebody that we deal with on a day to day basis tells us we can't do it.

You can read the entire piece here. Flag are playing FYF Fest in Los Angeles on Aug. 24, before a quick run of midwest and east coast shows in September.