Balance and Composure

Hey, it's Tuesday which means a bunch of new records came out. Here are reviews of two of them.

First, contributing editor Bryce Lancer immersed himself in the new LP from Balance and Composure, The Things We Think We're Missing:

Time will certainly tell, but The Things We Think We're Missing has a chance to be a tentpole album in this scene, the kind of accomplishment that invokes deep feeling in everyone who listens to it and inspires a score of imitators. It's bitingly honest, thoroughly self-reflective and often, uncomfortably relatable.

Read Bryce's review of Balance and Composure's The Things We Think We're Missing right here.

Second, contributing editor Andrew Waterfield boogies with the new Two Cow Garage album, The Death of the Self Preservation Society:

There's a whole lot of bands putting out punk albums heavily influenced by roots music of various kinds, and it's easy for lesser bands to blur into one another, but Two Cow Garage are not a lesser band. They're exceptionally good at what they do, and there's clearly a lot more behind this than a couple of Johnny Cash LPs and some ill-advised facial topiary.

Read Andrew's review of Two Cow Garage's The Death of the Self Preservation Society right here.

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