How's the weather where you are? In Philly we're experiencing a straight-up Sweatember!

The beat goes on, though. Today's first new review is from Greg Simpson, who liked Pixies' new EP1 a little more than Pitchfork:

If you stack this up against all the Pixies' previous output, it leaves a sour taste. But if you judge it simply on its own merits, it's a not-half-bad set of somewhat generic indie rock. There are some elements to enjoy here, but you'll want to put on Doolittle right after.

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Then, Renaldo Matadeen checks out the new Moving Mountains LP, the strangely titled Moving Mountains:

The emotion and soothing vibe that Gregory Dunn evokes on the mic clicks through and through and their self-titled album, their third full-length at that, proves their most grasping without doing anything extravagantly different.

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