The Marine Electric

Brooklyn, NY's Marine Electric have decided to call it a day.

After seven years of touring, recording, partying, and prolonging the dream of endless youth, the Marine Electric are calling it quits and moving on. Playing in this band has been nothing short of a dream manifested into reality via the hard work and dedication of four true friends. To see the places we have seen and meet the absolutely inspiring people we have met has been an opportunity and a privilege that we will remain thankful for forever. These were the wildest times of our lives and through all the ups and downs we can safely say we regret nothing (at least nothing we will mention). The memories and stories will be kicked around at bars and in backyards long into our declining years and our music will always stand as a living relic of this period.

Marine Electric will be performing two last shows: one in Brooklyn, NY on September 27 at Suburbia with Jeff Rosenstock (Bomb the Music Industry!) and Tiny Empires with the second show in Philadelphia, PA on September 28 at the Golden Tee House with Tiny Empires, Secret Plot to Destroy the Entire Universe, and Address.

Bassist Eric Fairchild will continue to play with Crime In Stereo while guitarist Scott Fitzpatrick and drummer Fred Trumpy will focus on their project, Living Room.