The Appleseed Cast; Pinkish Black

Today's first new review is from Brian Shultz, who dives into The Appleseed Cast's new album Illumination Ritual:

Illumination Ritual sounds less like a compromise and more like a refocused strain of what the Appleseed Cast do so well: effortless vocal melodies punctuating undulating, intricately decorated rhythms, with an easier-going feeling that sounds oddly natural for them now.

Read Brian's review here.

Then, Tori Pederson explores the no-wave doom-goth of Pinkish Black's Razed to the Ground:

Razed to the Ground, their second full-length in as many years, gets even weirder than its predecessor and serves to further define the sludgy post-punk niche the group have created for themselves.

Read Tori's review here.

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