Pro tip: Those white chocolate candy corn M&M's aren't that good. Stick with the classics.

Today's first new review is from Rich Cocksedge, who took a liking to Red Dons' new 7-inch for Grave Mistake, Notes On The Underground:

… given that the band is like a mixture of the Marked Men and the Steve Adamyk Band, a combination that means Red Dons are likely to be better than many bands you have heard or are likely to hear. Oh yes, they're that good, and this 7-inch contains three tracks of some of the most glorious power-pop-punk you are likely to hear for some time to come.

Read Rich's review here.

Then, Renaldo Matadeen checked in on Pentimento and their new EP for Paper and Plastick, Inside The Sea:

It's Pentimento cutting loose and eroding that poppier essence that fans have held on to and what they harness now, not only feels more organic, but more blistering by their standards. To sum it up, Pentimento have taken off the gloves, lost the safety net and are braving the waters of indie-punk in ways unassociated to them before.

Read Renaldo's review here.

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