Tonight We're Going To Give It 35%

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Here's your question and answer of the week from the Punknews Formspring:

Q: How long have you been into punk rock?

A: Oh, I've been "punkin it up" (as the kids say) for about 15 years now. I'm 30, so as of this year, for 50% of my life I've been cognizant of punk. I got into a different way than most people I think. it seems that most people were introduced to punk via their older siblings or friends (or, as is becoming more common, through their parents… eek!) At the time, none of my friends were into punk (and most still aren't) and my relatives weren't even really into music at all. (My mom used to constantly play the promo cassette tape that came with her station wagon. I remember that it had "Time After Time" on it).

I got into punk because I used to be a member of the CD mailorder company, BMG music club. I ordered The Clash on Broadway because it was on sale for $15 (plus BMG's insane shipping prices) and I thought The Clash were an 80's group like Men at Work or A-Ha.

I was wrong. BEST SCREW UP EVER. Strangely, at first, I liked disc 3 the best, which was mostly Combat Rock the best, then disc one, which was the earliest singles and first lp, and then disc 2, which was mostly London Calling. It's weird how your brain hears sounds differently when you haven't been exposed to an entire form of music. I'll never forget pulling up to my friend Chris' house for a high school party blaring "London's Burning." I'm sure I looked like a tool but I thought I looked awesome. I'll never forget Kathy Davis giving me a look of disgust and spitting, "What IS that?" And I was like, "THE CLASH, DUH!" Without question, it was my finest moment as a human being.

How did you brohabs all get into punk? Let us share stories and lock arms as we cherish the discovery of learning about punk for the first time.

-John G

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