Count To Four; Criaturas; Goldblade

This is Adam E., and if you didn't hear, Justin Bieber got arrested today, and his mug shot is just adorable. If only the rest of us could look this good when we get arrested for (allegedly) drunkenly racing our Lamborghinis. Anyway, we've got three new reviews for you today:

First, staff writer Renaldo spends some time with Count To Four's Between Two Cities:

It's nice to see this South Jersey/Philly quartet refine their old stuff and then churn out Between Two Cities, which sees them live up to some of their promise. The record's a bit polarized though which detracted a bit.

Next, reader Nedsammy gives a listen to Espiritu de Libertad from Austin's Criaturas:

The guitars are incredible -- simple and nasty riffs interspersed with ripping solos and interludes (the opening and closing tracks showcase all of these exceptionally well), and the rhythm section is the very heart of the beast, powering it with some seriously agile, driving drumming and intestine-ruining bass grumble.

Finally, staffer Rich C. digs into the most recent record from Goldblade, The Terror of Modern Life:

My problems with the band though, revolve around the whole retro feel to a lot of what I hear on this record. I find too much of it is a punk-by-numbers kind of thing, with it sounding at times too much like bands such as UK Subs and The Clash to name but a few..

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