Modern Baseball; The Showcase Showdown; Pageripper

Adam E. back with three new reviews for you today, along with some helpful advice. If you're going to buy me a Valentine's Day present, please avoid that chalky heart candy. That is all.

First, staff reviewer Renaldo digs into You're Gonna Miss It All, the new LP from Modern Baseball:

They have a neat formula of using acoustic structures to build indie-punk ballads that linger on the more upbeat side of things, but one thing's for certain -- they mix it up well.

Second, reader Strumz steals the keys to the Punknews DeLorean and goes back in time to revisit Permanent Stains by The Showcase Showdown:

Musically, the album heavily embraces classic three-chord progressions in an onslaught of energy only interrupted by concise, frill-less solos. With a vocal style reminiscent of John Lydon, the singer, Ping Pong, produces a mix of tongue-in-cheek humor and political commentary, all wrapped in an irreverent and a snotty attitude.

Finally, staffer Rich C., shares his take on the self-titled 7-inch from Portland's Pageripper:

Across all five tracks there is a sense of urgency bursting out, along with bags of energy and enthusiasm, making for an extremely strong debut release. There is a clear level of grit and power to what Pageripper is about, with the songs being driven along by a pulsating rhythm section and a thick and edgy guitar, joining together to build the songs into something my ears are more than pleased to receive.

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