Tim Lambesis denied reduced sentencing

During his hearing earlier today, Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying was denied reduced sentencing. Lambesis was asking the court to count his time in house arrest towards his total sentence. The judge, who also presided over Lambesis' sentencing hearing, refused to do so. The judge based his ruling on the fact that although Lambesis was under house arrest, he was out on bail, whereas credit for time served applies only to prisoners who are not out on bail. There are currently conflicting reports as to whether Lambesis' ankle monitor, and even the house arrest itself, was the result of court order or merely the requirement of a private bail bondsman.

Lambesis is currently serving six years in prison for charges stemming from hiring an undercover police officer to kill Lambesis' wife. The remaining members of As I Lay dying have formed Wovenwar without Lambesis.