Luicidal detail debut LP
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Luicidal, the band featuring Suicidal Tendencies ex-members Louiche Mayorga and R.J. Herrera, have released the details of their upcoming debut LP. The release is self-titled and will be out October 14 via DC-Jam Records. The record features guest spots from Rocky George, Grant Estes, Amery Smith, Dale Henderson and H.R. of the Bad Brains.

Luicidal has previously toured for the past few years, focusing on the first three Suicidal Tendencies albums.

Luicidal tracklisting
1. West Side Familia
2. Live for Today
3. Kumbaya
4. Changed World
5. You Always Knew
6. Knife Fight
7. Mexican Crabs
8. Sinister Love
9. Least to Succeed
10. Green Light
11. Killing Skating Machine
12. Kumbaya (featuring H.R.)