Circle Jerks

Kung Fu Records has announced the release of a live Circle Jerks album. The release is called Live at the House of Blues and it's out September 23, 2014. This show is taken from a 2004 performance which was previously released in DVD format in 2005. Notably, the show features a Black Flag cover, which was vocalist Keith Morris' first band, and a Weirdos cover, the band which featured bassist Zander Schloss for a period of time.

The group released the documentary My Career as a Jerk [DVD] in 2012.

Live at the House of Blues Track list

  1. Letter Bomb
  2. In Your Eyes
  3. Stars and Stripes
  4. All Wound Up
  5. I Don’t
  6. Back Against The Wall
  7. Behind The Door
  8. I Just Want Some Skank
  9. Beverly Hills
  10. Anxious Boy
  11. I, I and I
  12. Paid Vacation
  13. Deny Everything
  14. I Wanna Destroy You
  15. The Crowd
  16. Beat Me Senseless
  17. Wild In The Streets
  18. Trapped
  19. C’oup d’etat
  20. Fortunate Son
  21. Shit Hits The Fan
  22. Operation
  23. Junk Mail
  24. World Up My Ass
  25. Solitary Confinement (Weridos cover)
  26. Wasted
  27. Red Tape
  28. Nervous Breakdown (Black Flag cover)