Chaos Delivery Machine (Pennywise, 98 Mute): "Where The Sidewalk Ends"
by Music

Chaos Delivery Machine are streaming a new song titled "Where The Sidewalk Ends." The group, featuring Fletcher Dragge of Pennywise and Jason Page and Justin Thirsk of 98 Mute, will be releasing their sophomore album, Burn Motherfucker Burn, on May 5, 2015 via Hardline Entertainment. Pre-orders are available here.

Burn Motherfucker Burn

1) Underground Thought Patrol
2) Slipping Into Darkness
3) Kill, Kill, Kill!
4) Tragedy Of The Commons
5) A Statistical Insignificance
6) Travels With Perses
7) Dispatches From The Psych Ward C
8) No Nation Under God
9) Of Mice And Men
10) Conjuncive Rhetoric
11) Never Slip Into Existence
12) De Rerum Natura
13) God Of Prey
14) Southeast Of Eden
15) Where The Sidewalk Ends
16) History Lesson Part lll (Take 2)
17) …And Then There Were None
18) The New Testament
19) Nevermind
20) The Great Assent