Street Dogs

At Tuesday night's Street Dogs show in Anaheim, there was a bit of a rumble. Apparently, some neo-Nazis showed up, starting getting rough, and were even throwing out sieg heil salutes. Having enough of that nonsense, the band joined the crowd and security in ejecting the neo-Nazis. In the scuffle, some band members received a few superficial wounds. Despite that, the band continued to play and finished their set.

You can read a statement from the band about the brawl after the jump as well as see a video of the clash.

At this time I would like to officially address what happened in Anaheim. Last night at our show in Anaheim at the House Of Blues while we were playing our song Final Transmission for a dear departed fan and friend of ours USMC Jordan Stanton we noticed a group of Neo nazis rough housing and intimidating our fans and throwing up sieg heil salutes in the air. Their very presence, their hateful,bigoted and ignorant ideology is odious to us and completely unacceptable. We with fans, friends and the assistance of security removed them from the crowd and in the process of mitigating them out some of us sustained superficial injuries. We can attribute those injuries only being superficial in nature to the House Of Blues and their exceptional staff, our fans and our friends. After they were removed we continued with our show and finished the show without incident. In closing we submit this no neo nazis are allowed at our shows. We have always believed in equality and that all people are created equal. We will not suffer or tolerate bigotry in any manifestation. PERIOD!!!!

Respectfully Submitted,

Mike McColgan
Street Dogs