Red Scare announces new releases from The Menzingers, Cobra Skulls, Masked Intruder

Red Scare has announced the release of three new 7-inches to coincide with Record Store Day. The new releases are The Menzingers' I Was Born 7-inch, Cobra Skulls' Live at the BBC 7-inch and Masked Intruder's Incriminating Evidence: 2011 Demos 7-inch. Technically, the releases will be out on April 14, 2015, in advance of Record Store Day.

The Menzingers - I Was Born

  1. I Was Born
  2. Mea Culpa Cabana
  3. My Friend Chris

Cobra Skulls - Live At The BBC

  1. H.D.U.I.
  2. Rebel Fate
  3. Solastalgia
  4. New Age

Masked Intruder - Incriminating Evidence: 2011 Demos

  1. How Do I Get To You?
  2. I Fought The Law (But The Law Beat The Shit Out Of Me)
  3. I Plead The 5th
  4. I'm In (Unrequited) Love