Scott: The Realistics are a band you just need to know about. Here's my favorite song off their new EP, which I reviewed here:
The Realistics - Why Didn't You Stay
For more info on the Realistics, go to

Adam: So my exam week is done. Woo. In celebration I've got two tracks for you this week. First off is a classic 1978 tune from Vic Godard & the Subway Sect titled "Ambition." There was a time when NME voted this the greatest punk single of all time. Godard himself was unhappy with it because manager Bernie Rhodes (you punk historians should know his name) added the farfisa organ behind his back. Check this out if you're digging Hot Hot Heat's current material:
Vic Godard - Ambition
(track offline. email Adam if you want to hear it)

Secondly we have one of the bands that's been keeping me sane this week. Here's the breakout single from London's The Libertines. Mick Jones of The Clash produced their debut album "Up The Bracket" and as one would expect it channels the Clash, Jam, Kinks and others. If you can hold off the cynicism that the media's "garage craze" has undoubtedly created, you'll find they write some killer songs:
The Libertines - What A Waster
I also suggest checking out "Boys In The Band" and other full length Real Audio tracks at Rough Trade. Look for a proper review soon.