Dez Cadena no longer in the Misfits

It appears that Dez Cadena is no longer in The Misfits. Just this past Thursday, Punknews' own Ricky Frankel went to see the Misfits. Cadena was not with the band. Instead, a person that bassist/vocalist Jerry Only introduced as his son was handling guitar duties. Meanwhile, on June 19, Cadena posted this on his facebook page:

"Folks, I'm not with the Misfits anymore,this is what I do for a living now, sorry if you were expecting to see me in Cali.All the best to the band and fiends.Carry on."

The post also had a picture of a vintage baseball player.You can see the post here. Notably, in March, Cadena had a "Malignant Neoplasm from [his] larynyx" removed. Shortly after the surgery, during the recovery process, he could speak, but could not sing.