Entropy has announced a hiatus. The band cites that the break is due to frontman Brian Lawrence's heath. To coincide with the hiatus, the band released a cover of Osker's "Panic."

"You may have noticed we've been disappearing off shows and have been quiet lately. We figured it was time we addressed that. A few months back, I found out I have a stomach disease, which while it isn't deadly is pretty debilitating. Progress is small and answers are slow in coming, which is why we've held off on speaking about this publicly until now.

What does this mean for Entropy? We're ducking under a rock for the short term until I can get this sorted enough to begin performing again. Everyone who knows me knows I've lived and breathed punk rock since I saw my first studded bandolier in France during World War I, and nothing short of being dead as hell will stop me from making music permanently.

We appreciate every one of you… every show we played, every floor we crashed on, every friend we made along the way has been what's made this worthwhile and it's why you'll see us again. We'll be back before long and shorter than ever.

- Old Brian"