The Lawrence Arms
Contributed by redscare, Posted by Epitaph Tours

The Lawrence Arms have announced they will be playing themed shows this December in Chicago. Themes will include despair, revelry, friendship and more. They have also asked The Methadones, Red City Radio, Off With Their Heads and more to join in the holiday festivities. The shows will happen December 10-12, 2015 and the Double Door. Tickets will go on sale on Friday. You can click read more for the show details. The Lawrence Arms released Metropole in 2014.

Thursday, December 10: Sadness & DespairDouble DoorChicago, ILwith Off With Their Heads and Rapids
Friday, December 11: Drinking & RevelryDouble DoorChicago, ILwith Red City Radio and Turnspit
Saturday, December 12: Love & TriumphDouble DoorChicago, ILwith The Methadones and The Lippies