Closet Fiends sign to Fat Wreck Chords, announce debut EP

Sam Sadowski, a homeless, solo folk-punk musician who plays under the name Closet Fiends has signed to Fat Wreck Chords. Fat Mike and Sturgeon of Leftover Crack recorded a five-song, self-titled, debut EP which comes out digitally and on CD October 23, 2015. There's no mention of a vinyl release as of yet.

You can listen to one of the tracks on the EP called "Heroinsomnia" and preorder it here.

You can read Fat Wreck Chords' fascinating bio/story of how Fat Mike found out about Closet Fiends and you can watch a video of an early live performance of below.

If you’ve been paying attention to Fat Mike’s social media (Twitter, Instagram), you know that he and Sturgeon from Leftöver Crack have been working with Sam, a homeless San Francisco youth, recording five original songs. The recording is now finished, and on Friday, we’ll be releasing Sam’s debut EP, Closet Fiends! Sam Sadowski, aka Closet Fiends, was born and raised in Austin, TX and left her hometown only after “fucking up over and over again in school, home, court mandated rehab, etcetera,” as she says. Traveling the country on freight trains, hitch hiking, squatting and generally transforming from a teenage punk to a homeless “crusty” anarchist traveler, she eventually landed in San Francisco without a guitar or dime to her name. But unbeknownst to Sam, her mother had uploaded a youtube video of her performing a song that would later catch Sturgeon’s attention, who then showed it to Fat Mike. As urgent as any suspense-thriller, they tracked Sam down and accompanied her to a music store where she picked up a banjo and proceeded to blow Mike and Sturgeon’s minds. Mike immediately offered to record Closet Fiends starting that very day. The five song EP will be released this Friday and if you live in the Bay Area, you can catch her performing this Thursday opening for the Subhumans at Thee Parkside and again on Friday at our record store opening. For now, listen to the first song from the EP below, then pre-order it today!