Punknews to release 'The Banned from the P.C.' Mixtape Cassette!!!

Today, Punknews is MEGA-MEGA-THRILLED To announce the release of THE BANNED FROM THE P.C. MIXTAPE!!!!!

If you live in USA, you can pre-order the tape right here. If you live outside of the USA, you can pre-order right here!.

The tape includes 39 bands all across the punk map, from hardcore to folk to synth to beyond, has punk legends and punk newbies, runs for a full two hours, and has A TON of exclusives! We have exclusive tunes from World/Inferno Friendship Society, Mischief Brew, Leftover Crack, Ari Up of the The Slits, Culture Shock, The Rentiers, Gnarboots and more!

Plus, we have THE VERY FIRST DFL track in 19 years! PLUS, we have comedian Chris Gethard covering The Smiths with Mikey Erg, John DeDomenici, and Alex Clute! PLUS, the whole thing is hosted by Punk rock's top turnatablists DJ Johnny G and Dynamite Adam White! The whole thing is mixed like a Hip Hop mixtape with interludes, skits, and shout outs! (The legendary Keith Morris of OFF!/Circle Jerks/Black Flagdoes the intro!)

The comp will strictly be released on cassette tape and will not be repressed! Analog baby!

AND the whole thing is only six smackers! We hope to ship out on August 20.

Side A:
1. Banned and on the Run (Intro)
2. Keith Morris Speaks (Intro)
3. Punknews is an Engine of Chaos (featuring Disco Diva Diana Dash and Dancehall Duchess Trinity Quasar )(intro)
4. Circle Jerks – "Letter Bomb" (live)
5. Mean Jeans – "Bogus Memories"
6. Dwarves – "Sluts of the USA" (alternate mix) (rare)
7. Posers – "Posers"
8. Leftover Crack – "Gay Rude Boys Unite" (live)(mixtape exclusive)
9. Sideman – "I’m allergic to a copy cat" (first physical release)
10. B.A Johnston – "Skinny Jeans"
11. World/Inferno Friendship Society – "Nightmares" (mixtape exclusive)
12. Max Levine Ensemble – "Backlash, Baby!"
13. Modern Advances – "Brain Electricity"
14. Hiccup – "Whatevs, It’s Cool" (rare)
15. Jello Biafra and the Raunch and Soul All-Stars – "Mother in Law"
16. The Coup – "Your Parent’s Cocaine"
17. DFL - "Shut It Down" (The first new DFL track in 19 years!!!)(Mixtape exclusive)
18. Books of Love featuring Katy Goodman and Greta Morgan – "Space Time Love" (first physical release)
19. New Swears – "Midnight Lovers"
20. Danger Friends – "Zeros"
21. Really Red – "Run ‘em Out"
22. Tsunami Bomb – "Lemonade" (1999 Version)
23. Culture Shock – "Visibility" (mixtape exclusive)
24. Vermapyre – "To Walk the Night" (Samhain Cover)(rare)

Side B:
1. "Workin’ at Punknews" - Disco Diva Diana Dash and Dancehall Dutchess Trinity Quasar (mixtape exclusive)
2. Sleazy P. Martini, manager of GWAR, speaks (intro)
3. Punknews Attacks! (intro)
4. Mischief Brew – "Clean Squatters" (mixtape exclusive)
5. Shitty Friends – "Fill the Void" (rare)
6. Steve Ignorant of Crass – "Do they owe us a living?" (live)(rare)
7. Rentiers – "Early 2000s" (first physical release)
8. Bad Canoes – "Moon Day" (first physical release)
9. Crazy and the Brains – "Good Boy"
10. The Flames – "Nothing Seems to Work Out" (mixtape Exclusive)
11. Integrity – "Black Hexsen Rise"
12. Ari Up and the Subatomic Sound System – "Bed Athletes" (alt. mix)(mixtape exclusive)
13. Citizen Fish – "Face to Face" (mixtape exclusive)
14. Le Butcherettes – "Sold Less than Gold"
15. Beverleys – "Hush"
16. Gnarboots – "Age Out" (mixtape exclusive)
17. Boboso – "Punknews Freestyle" (mixtape exclusive)
18. Retreevers - "It World" (first physical release)
19. Frantix - "My Dad’s a Fuckin' Alcoholic"
20. Chris Gethard with Mikey Erg, John DeDomenici, and Alex Clute – "This Charming Man" (Smiths Cover, Live)(mixtape exclusive)
21. "Punk Rollercoaster" (interlude, featuring Disco Diva Diana Dash and TDancehall Dutchess Trinity Quasar)
22. Wesley Willis – "Harmony Joy Bus Ride"