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Following the Paris attacks in 2015, many bands canceled gigs in the subsequent weeks. Foo Fighters were one of the bands that canceled Paris shows. Like many large scale bands, Foo Fighters had insurance in case gigs were delayed or canceled for certain reasons. When the Foo Fighters canceled their Paris gigs, they filed a claim with their insurance company, Lloyds of London, asking for certain reimbursements. According to the Foo Fighters, the insurance company failed to properly remit monies due to the Foo Fighters. So, early this year, the Foo Fighters filed a lawsuit again their insurance company related to this issue. The Foo Fighters also included other gigs that were canceled due to frontman Dave Grohl's broken leg.

On October 7, the Foo Fighters dismissed their case with prejudice (meaning they cannot refile for this claim). This means that most likely, the suit has been settled. The Foo Fighters did not release details on the settlement agreement. The band released Saint Cecilia in 2015.