Run-DMC sue Walmart, Amazon, others for $50 million

Run-DMC have sued Walmart, Amazon, Jet, and other retailers for trademark infringement. The basis of the claim is that those retailers are selling unauthorized Run-DMC items and items that may infringe on the Run-DMC mark through their third party vendor programs. The third party vendor program, roughly, allows non-affiliated companies to sell their items through a bigger retailer's site directly. Depending upon the site, the larger retailer may or may not actually stock or ship the item. Run-DMC are requesting $50 million in damages. This is relevant to the punk scene because, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, third party vendors often sell even obscure bands' items through these sites, and often, those items are bootleg/counterfeit. Crass, Clash, Ramones, and many contemporary, smaller punk bands have all faced this issue. The case has the potential to change the entire third party vendor programs used by these larger sellers.