One Armed Joey: 'The Best We Know How' EP (Punknews Exclusive)
by Music

Punknews is very excited to premiere One Armed Joey's new EP The Best We Know How, which will be released on May 12, 2017. You can find out more about the band right here. You can listen the release and read what the band had to say about it below.

The Best We Know How is the natural continuation of our previous EP, in the sense that we wanted to experiment more with what we could write and sound like as a trio. White Windowless Vans, our first EP, we wrote and recorded right as we were graduating high school. TBWKH was written and recorded as we were thrust into "adulthood", a time of "Okay, we're not really sure what we're doing, but let's try this". I think musical experimentation was very important to the writing of the songs on this release.

The meaning behind the title of the EP is really about individuality and self-growth. Doing something "the best you know how" shouldn't be based on other people's expectations of yourself, but your own. Everybody works in different ways, has different ideas, loves different people and values different things. I think what's most important is doing what makes you happy, and not letting other people tell you otherwise. To pursue a goal is hard, and I've met so many people, including myself, who seem scared to work for that goal and their own happiness. Facing those obstacles, whether they be social anxiety, fear of the unknown, or simply finding the strength to power through another day, can feel isolating. But you are never truly alone. The lyrical content on this EP allowed me to open up, and share some feelings I haven't been comfortable writing about previously. I hope this encourages others to realize their goals, and hopefully follow them, too, one day at a time.